Cherish, Founder, Stories We Cherish


Technology serves as a conduit for sharing our stories, which is why we integrate it seamlessly into our garments.

We narrate our stories right at the point of purchase: when a customer buys an item, they have the opportunity to scan a QR code or an NFC tag, granting them access to a video unveiling the captivating story behind the product.


At the forefront of our brand ethos is leading with love, which means deeply understanding and empathising with our work environment. Our commitment lies in crafting fashion at a slow pace.

Every garment we offer is meticulously crafted in the UK, collaborating closely with seamstresses and CMT factories across the country. We maintain full transparency regarding the production process, ensuring awareness of how, by whom, and where our clothes are made. Central to our values is the compassionate treatment of everyone within our supply chain. 


We typically utilise dead stock fabrics bought from Shepherds Bush, and source fabrics from Japan and South Korea. When it comes to printed fabrics, we rely on the Silk Bureau, a print company in the UK and printing companies in Korea.

In our commitment to sustainability, we also repurpose scraps to craft new designs and hang tags which minimises wastage.



We collaborate with African illustrators to elevate their presence on the global stage. Our approach involves multiple avenues: Firstly, during our visits to different countries, we often encounter amazing graffiti. Once we see work that has a Stories We Cherish flair, we engage with the local community to help identify the artist and subsequently collaborate with them to develop prints or animations.

Additionally, we actively search social media platforms to discover artists whose style aligns with our brand ethos, reaching out to them directly. Fair and timely pay is important to us therefore it’s paramount that we refrain from negotiating their day rates, We also facilitate connections between these creatives and other brands, aiming to act as a springboard for African success stories worldwide.


We collaborate closely with The Arnaud Guesry Foundation, an NGO dedicated to empowering youth in the Diana region of Madagascar. Recognising Africa’s projected status as the continent with the youngest population by 2050, our goal is to develop programs that equip young individuals with essential skills for future employment opportunities.